martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

When the fated day arrives

When the fated day arrives,
I'll know who will be my love,
My brave heart shall have no strife,
And the wind will bless my words.

When the fated day arrives, 
I know that both earth and sky,
Will have an answer for us,
We'll know for sure what is love.

When the fated day arrives,
All the silence in the world,
Will bow with all of its might,
To the greatest of the words.

When the fated day arrives,
The sun will go make rainbows,
With the rain from your teardrops,
For I shall not let you cry,
If I can't bring back your smile.

When the fated day arrives,
And I hope it comes real soon,
I'll kiss you a hundred times,
While you fly me to the moon.

When the fated day arrives,
Be it day or be it night,
My words will fall from the sky,
Like the lightning from your eyes...

You might ask now 'how do I know that you have lightning in your eyes, if I don't even know who you are?'. And I'll tell you that I wouldn't have fallen in love with the thunder without looking at the lightning.

I can see all I want to see, when I look into your eyes, and that's just about enough for making me fall in love with all the phenomena of nature, that you hold in the blackness of your pupils... So, I might have an idea of who you are, or, at least, of what you have.