miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

As if...

Everything has a dark side as everything has a bright side... I feel as if I had a really big bright side, but there's something about my dark side that worries me beyond belief.

It may be small, but it's much stronger than me... Just as if it absorbed all the color of my life; I can no longer tell who the hell I am, nor what do I want.

I feel useless, as if I had no purpose on this universe... As if I was meant just to be a romantic idiot who writes about his whole existential misery, and how he isn't even able to love himself.

As if I admired every little piece of the universe, but myself, and were really sad, because I noticed that there's a little bit of me inside of everyone; just as if I was me, and you all were part of the same me I am too.

As if I couldn't breathe without feeling guilt.

As if there were not enough "as ifs" to make all the similes that, for an instant, this feeling deserves... Just like that.

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